About our Camp

Beached on a scorched desert, Arkane is an opportunity to unlock the teachings encoded in an ancient allegory. We will voyage through movement, connection, reflection, and play as we await the Great Flood that will wash away the old ways.

Our Ark home will offer a dusty & crusty poetry nook, a wondrous science nook, a seawashed disco lounge, art made from up-cycled materials celebrating biodiversity, and other hidden treasures. We will flow through animal-essence yoga and dance to ecstatic soundscapes.

Arkane will offer a sanctuary to share Burners' unique and diverse stories as we move onwards into the beautiful mystery, where the waves splash against the stars.

About our Crew

We are a group of passionate dreamers who are involved in the future of sustainability and psychedelics, the advancement of social justice and education, the creation of art, and the frontiers of aerospace exploration. Our friendship seeded through a mutual love of music, adventure, and cuddles.

We are primarily based in California, with campmates from San Francisco and Los Angeles.